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Is a very important part of tree work to us.   Your yard will be completely removed of all debris produced from the work performed. 

  Trees increase property value, lower cooling costs, prevent erosion, provide great aesthetics, produce well needed shade and overall allow us to breath.   

We are seeing a vast decline in the overall health of trees in our country for many reasons that are out of our control.  However, we can maintain the health of our personal trees.  Every tree needs to be trimmed and maintain to  preserve its health and to prevent accidents to people and/or property.    

Spike-less/Gaff-less Tree Trimming

Trees get sick, but with the proper trimming mechanics, they can be healed and allowed to prosper.  However, they must be trimmed the correct way!  First of all, tree spikes/gaffs cannot be used.  Spikes/gaffs put deep holes through the trees cambium layer.  As a result, pests make homes, causing decay and overall death of the tree.

Our tree care service in Frankfort, Mokena, Tinley Park, Orland Park, Orland Hills, Flossmoor, New Lenox, Palos Park, Palos Hills, Oak Forest, Lemont, Lockport and Homer Glen only trims trees without spikes/gaffs, using a rope, harness, helmet and other miscellaneous gadgets.  In addition, our knowledge and skills for the appropriate season and cutting techniques for each species, will give your tree the care needed to prosper. 

Tree Removal- When trimming can no longer save a tree, we will recommend removal and planting of a new tree of choice.  

You can rest assure that we are the best fit for the job.  We have the knowledge and experience to remove any tree you need without the high cost associated.  Because our modern tree climbing techniques and our efficiency, we are able to pass down the savings.  We use every safety measure in order to protect your personal property!  Trees can be dismantled piece by piece by climbing the tree and by using the art of rigging.  We can swing and lower branches to the ground over houses, sheds, pools, etc.   Or if the situation allows for it, we can save you more money and drop the tree in once piece.  Please, give us a call or email us and we will provide you with a free estimate.  

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Tree Care Services in Frankfort, Mokena, Tinley Park, Orland Park, orland hills, Flossmoor, New Lenox, Palos Park, Palos Hills, Oak forest, Lemont, Lockport and Homer Glen