Landscape design

Tire of spending hours and hours working hard maintaining your old landscape, just to have to have do it again a month later. We can help!

I am excited to help you this year and provide you with a great service and exceptional product.  The process will begin with a free consultation to address your needs, wants and budget.   

Next step is a design.  I will construct a simple CAD preliminary design, showing the plants that will be used and the beds that will be created.  A plant list will be provided with their features.  Also, the $ amount will be provided with all the materials and processes.  We only use the best materials and processes.  For example, weed barrier has to be 5 ounce woven and it must be installed under the edging restraint or weeds are going to pop up between.  Plants must be nursery stock or they will grow week and susceptible to disease.  Planting must be done perfectly, check out Tree Planting page to read how we do so.  Retaining walls must have a solid foundation or they will come crumbling down.  Grading must be precise or water will seep into the house and/or kill the plants.  The list goes on and on, but I want you to rest a sure that the materials will be top notch and the processes will be above industry standard. We treat every customers home like it was our own. 

Changes can then be made to the design and and proposal if need be and a date can then be set.  Myself and crew will be there consecutive days from start to finish, no hoping from one job to the next.  We will provide all labor, materials and tools for the job.  Work will be done safely and efficiently with the greatest respect to personal property and with  the upmost focus on quality of work!

Give us a call, text or email and we can get started!